Re: M60 60% Mechanical Keyboard PCB

Hi I am really excited about this project. I just got into the world of mechanical keyboards and have purchased 3 in the last 30 days. I was just thinking to myself that I should make a hand wired Python powered mechanical keyboard but it looks like you beat me to the punch.

A few questions that the site doesn’t answer for a beginner like me is what other components do I need to complete the build.

  • switches
  • plates? Which ones are compatible?
  • case? Which ones are compatible?

This may seem obvious to you but it is not completely obvious to a beginner like myself.


I must say I’m in the same boat and would love to know more too.

appears to be DZ60 case friendly. 5 hole mount and usb location seem similar

@tdk337 The product listing specifies that it’s Cherry MX switch compatible, so sounds like any Cherry MX or clones should work as far as switches, and from there you can figure out caps too.

@El.Gordo – Is your DZ60 approximation just based on the visuals? I agree that it’d be lovely to have a very solid idea on what to look for! When it comes to the DZ60 if that is a compatible layout, it looks like the 2U shift, because there’s 10 1U keys in the bottom row? (I’m only looking at the plate at moment, but it’s difficult to tell.) Case definitely looks close, but some confirmation would be nice :]

I think the only other thing to figure out would be potential batteries and connectors. I assume the connector on it is the same JST-PH 2.0 that’s on the M.2 Dev Kit

yeah going off of visuals. As long as the mounting holes/usb line up (which its seeeeeeems they do) it should fit. The layout doesnt matter a whole lot as long as we know its a 60%. For batteries yeah standard 2pin jst lipo battery. keychron claims the largest at 4000mah, i already got a 10000mah =D iono if itll fit cases tho

Thank you @cmd and @El.Gordo!

@tdk337 Of course. Also I’m not sure if you saw, but they recently announced they’re going to make a PCB back-plate with a built in BT and NFC antennas, and it looks beautiful: link here. (Also, you should vote purple, not that I’m biased or anything :joy:)