nRF52840-MDK micropython/circuitpython flash succesful but no LED or REPL

I’ve tried flashing with all builds of circuitpython and micropython. The only one I got working was the prebuilt makerdiary hex from the nRF52832-mdk wiki. I am able to activate/deactivate bluetooth etc. with this build, but I fear that many features will not work as it is not the correct board it is built for.

I’ve flashed with both the drag-n-drop method and pyocd, neither works for the builds I’ve tried.

@thomasgrastein You can try this pre-built firmware. CIRCUITPY drive issue is fixed.

How did you fix the drive issue?

I am trying to build newer versions of CircuitPython (6.3 & 7.0) following your steps, but when I flash the MDK, no CIRCUITPY drive appears.

The precompiled hex from the MDK repo works, but I want to try newer versions of CP.

According to the schematic, the QSPI CS pin should be P1.6. Just fix the mpconfigboard.h to make it work.

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This worked for 6.3.0! Thanks. I also tried with 7.0.0 but it did not work, unfortunately. I will try again when it is stable.

Also, this QSPI CS pin detail might be a change worth pushing upstream.

Why are people using CircuitPython? This drives me nuts. It’s extra work to port MicroPython to this board because the Flash is not on the same pins as other implementations. Crazy! And it was so expensive!