Nrf52840 dongle with Openthread


I am new to this forum which I found out about from @Zelin_Cai

after I posted this issue

Anyone else have a nrf52840 MDK USB dongle with the 10 pin headers (I have 3 of them) that they are using (or want to use) with Openthread either with a Linux Border Router or a Raspberry PI 3B border router?

I would like to try some basic sensor (rangefinder, photoresistor) and actuator (servo, LED’s etc) setups with style communication between them.

There are several resources available but always nice to have someone to talk to when problems arise. Just like or reply?

A few resources found so far:




  4. (This is my site)

  5. (My version of openthread) (An easy to use online docker of Openhtread with pre-installed dependancies )

Anyone interested?