No available debug probes detected

I connected nRF52840 MDK to my laptop. Tried pyocd-flashtool -l command to find the device ID.
I get the message “No available debug probes are connected”.

Hi there,
I’m here to help you. Pls checkout the following steps:

  1. Confirm that the board has appeared as a removable drive named DAPLINK . If not, check if the board is connected correctly and try to reconnect to another USB port.
  2. Run pyocd --version to chech which version of pyocd you are using.
  3. Could you provide more info about your host system?

Pls feel free to feedback. Thanks.

Hi Zelin,
Thanks for assisting. No, the removable drive is not detected. Once I plug the USB I could see 2 LED’s in the board blinking but there’s no DLP LINK detected. I have an Ubuntu OS ubuntu-18.04.2 64 bit. pyocd version 0.21.0

Could you run the lsusb command to check if the usb is attached?
If you have another PC on your hand, like a windows PC or a mac, you can have a try on it.
Need to check if the usb works fine.
If the problem still exists, you can contact me via:

Yup USB is the problem. I checked on another system its detected. Any idea why its not detecting on my system.

Did you use a USB Hub on your Ubuntu laptop? The MDK board may not be compatible with some USB Hubs. So just connect the board directly to the port of your host PC, not via a hub.

I connected directly to my system not via hub.

I just test the board on Ubuntu 16.04 and it works fine. I will have a try for 18.04.