M60 Case Question

Hello everybody,
I’m working on gathering all of the components for the M60 keyboard. I believe one of my last pieces is a compatible case. Does anybody have any suggestions? I’ve been looking at this case from KBDFans, but I don’t know if it will have the required 6mm standoff height to support the M60 PCBA. Does anybody have any experience with it from other keyboard builds?

Interested in this as well. Any advice on a suitable case would be great.

my m60 fits in a tofu. check your keys though. im having two that dont actuate when pressed slowly.

@Jonathan_Collins do you mean the b and d? These two keys are the default Tap-key feature. Pls see the wiki for more details: https://wiki.makerdiary.com/m60/

I can confirm that this one works, and I’m using it with my board:

I believe the listed one will work fine too. I can’t say whether there is enough space for a battery, but it looks like it. The aluminum may interfere with the BT antenna, but it may work regardless, not sure.

@H2k8f you can check out our plate. It perfectly integrates Bluetooth (2.4GHz) antenna and NFC antenna, which enables high-performance RF transmission even if you are using a metal case.

Here is some info about our default battery, which will come with the kit.

This case worked for me.