Keyboard unresponsive when battery connected

Hello there!
I have acquired a battery (actually two batteries because the first one was too tall to fit in the case) and whenever I connect the battery the keyboard is completely unresponsive, not even lights on the caps lock, but if I disconnect the battery and connect a USB-C cable it works just fine. I even tried connecting the battery while it is connected to the USB-C cable and it stops working completely in the same way and only starts working again once the battery is disconnected. I have of course tried to push the button underneath and even hold the button in, but no reaction from the keyboard. Any advice for how to resolve this? Is my board defective?

Hi, what kind of the battery did you use?

Thank you for the reply, I got a 3.7V 1600mah Li-Po battery normally used in GPS devices with a built-in protection circuit board. I connect it to the M60 board by a JST-PH 1.25mm 3pin contact.

Is this not the correct type of battery?

Mine seems to do this sometimes too – though I’m having other issues with my battery as it is, so I’m certainly not ready to say it’s not related to that. But I’d almost not describe it as unresponsive in my case, just… very slow. As in, I’ll press a single key and it will take several seconds to register. If I have the responsive LED light on, the light will show up much later and take a far longer time to go through it.