Hardware extension of M60

I was wondering if M60 plate has any pins available that can be used for some additional modules like display/strollwheel/buzzer w/e?

The M60 plate has only two traces on it: one for the 2.4 GHz antenna (for Bluetooth/Proprietary Wireless), and one for the 13.56 MHz antenna (for NFC). They are connected via two u.FL connectors. That’s pretty much it.

The M60 keyboard does have a set of programming headers on the top side. Most of the pins are hardware assigned, but the TX and RX pins should go to remappable GPIO pins on the nRF52840.

(I can’t find a schematic for the M60 at the moment, though I’m sure I saw one at some point, I think?)

Assuming they are on GPIO pins, and you’re comfortable building native code yourself, you should be able to map those to something like I2C/SPI/(or use them as UART) to use as a comms bus.

seems so, thanks.
It’s a bit over my head but sooner of later hope to figure something out.