External power and charging

Hi, I’m recently designing my own keyboard pcb that uses nRF52840-MDK as controller.

If i connect 3.3v LiPo Battery with nRF52840-MDK’s VIN and 3.3v out pin. Is it proper way to power the board with the battery? Also, If i connect the battery with pin, can i charge it by connecting the board with use cable?

And one more, can i get cad file(*.dxf file) of the board? I placed header pins for the nrf board in my pcb. But i’m not sure if i placed properly. I need a dxf file or pcb footprint of nrf62840-mdk that i can import into easyeda or kicad. So that i can check if i placed properly.

for the reference, this is the link to keyboard pcb i designed.
It might have some problem since it’s my first time to design a schematic and pcb