Direct Connect Source Code

I was able to find a Product Specification document from Nordic on the nRF52840 - it is inclusive to their dongle which is also what I understand is the specification for the makerdiary Dongle…

It seems as though it is possible to send a binary code to the device and receive the data response. For instance to request the part# send
0b00000000000001010010100001000000 and the response is 0x00052840 in hex. The way I understand it though the register and the item list has to be included (all binary)

Anyway - my quiz is does makerdiary have an issue with connecting to the device that way. so far it seems all their software is covered by an open source agreement - so it does not seem to be an issue to use the Nordic guidelines and develop software independently to work the device.

fyi - i have a web based way that i am developing to connect to various microprocessor boards along with a serial port initiator.- so it is for that purpose.