Cant use nRFGo Studio or RF Connect with nRF52840 Dev kit?


Hello, I’ve purchased the nRF52840 Micro Development Kit. I plug it into the USB port on my PC, and I can’t seem to see it from either nRFGo Studio or RF connect running on my PC. (These are the tools we use to program softdevice and binary on parts ordered from Nordic.)

Is there a reason these tools cant program this device?



Hi there,
The nRF52840-MDK comes with built-in DAPLink debugger which is open-source and easy to program and debug the chip.
Here is the tutorial for getting started:


Thank you. On that link they describe programming the chip by dragging and dropping the firmware (after merging it with the softdevice).

Is actual debugging (tracing execution, breakpoints, etc) possible?