Bluetooth connect

Hi I just purchased my second dongle. Athe issue is that I only have the Nordic suite that is available on iPad. For some reason the Bluetooth is not showing up on either the toolbox or the nRF Connect. It does blink red for a second when I plug it in. And the standard led is lighted up green. I have manually put it in dfu mode and it does not help.

The dongle is shipped with the Thread NCP firmware default, so there is no BLE connect without replacing the firmware.
Here is the toturial that you can use the BLE connectivity firmware with nRF Connect Bluetooth Low Energy app:

Please let me know if you have any issue.

ya - that is a really nifty app. However I only have the nRF Connect from an iPad. So I kinda need the Bluetooth to have an identifier pre-installed, or the iPad wont see it.